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"Introducing Mobile ATM Unlimited"

...this easy to use WordPress plugin automates the selling of $500 to $1000 mobile websites to businesses!...

Mobile ATM Unlimited is an easy to use WordPress plugin that automates virtually the entire process of selling $500 to $1000 mobile websites to businesses. It’s perfect for newbie and experienced offline marketers alike.


How Mobile ATM Unlimited Works!

Look at this picture:


When you show a client what their non-mobile site looks like on a phone compared with what a sexy looking mobile optimized site looks like…you’re virtually guaranteed a sale!

Mobile ATM Unlimited is a WordPress plugin that automates virtually this whole process!

Here’s how.

Step 1: You upload a list of businesses you want to contact about buying your mobile websites. (You can do this individually, or all at once in a csv file.)

Step 2: With just 1 click, Mobile ATM Unlimited creates a unique landing page for each business. Each landing page shows what that particular business’s non-mobile website looks like on a smart phone compared with what a sexy looking, mobile friendly website looks like. (It can create hundreds of pages in less than a second!)


Step 3: With just another click, Mobile ATM Unlimited sends a personalized, unique email to each business. Our emails are proven to get the attention of business owners. In each email, there’s a link back to that particular business’s landing page.


Step 4: Business owners call you, and you close the sale.

Selling mobile websites really can be this easy…with Mobile ATM Unlimited!

We’ve only scratched the surface of what this powerful, easy to use WordPress plugin can do. For instance…Mobile ATM Unlimited actually notifies you when your landing page is viewed! It can do this via email or text message right to your phone! That way, all you have to do is call the business and ask to speak with the decision maker. This level of automation and sophistication puts you heads and shoulders above your competition and all but guarantees easy sales.

Let’s list what Mobile ATM Unlimited can do!


Mobile ATM Unlimited Features

  • Simple to install on any WordPress site, simple to use

  • Perfect for newbies and experienced offline marketers alike

  • Comes with 8 email/landing page templates in proven hot niches…bars, restaurants, auto repair shops, plumbers, auto towing, Realtors, hair salons, and handymen…Or, you can easily create your own!

  • Comes with 16 graphical headlines…guaranteed to get a business decision maker’s attention! Use ours, or use your own!

  • Integral QR code generator that displays QR codes right on the landing page

  • Completely customizable, including predefined shortcodes you can use to insert the business’s name, address, website among many others

  • Emails an unlimited number of businesses

  • Blind Carbon Copy option available, so you can have a record of each email Mobile ATM Unlimited sent. (This is great for outsourcing!)

  • Date/time a business views the landing page automatically recorded in a database

  • Built in spamming protection…

  • Emailing can be set up via SMTP…this is for advanced users and is not at all necessary

  • Notification via email or text message whenever a business owner opens your email. Email notification uses ReadNotify…text message notification uses Twilio…even works with a free Twilio account

  • Installs and updates automatically from within WordPress…no FTP’ing or anything complicated


Got More Questions?

Mobile ATM Unlimited is so powerful thats it’s hard to take it all in. Here’s a list of questions that we commonly get from potential buyers…


1. Is this spamming? No. We’ve actually configured the plugin so that you can’t mass spam with it. There’s a big difference between automation and spamming. This is automation!

2. Can I harm any of my accounts with this…email or hosting accounts? No. See the answer to #1. None of our buyers have reported any problems like this.

3. Do I need hosting? Yes. A baby HostGator account will do nicely.

4. I’m not too good with WordPress. Is this easy to use? Yes. This plugin is very easy to install. Also, it comes with complete instructions.

5. Does this actually create the mobile sites I’m trying to sell? No. Mobile ATM Unlimited automates the process of selling mobile sites. There are many fine products you can use to create them. We’re actually coming out with our own shortly. Let’s put it this way…plenty of folks can create mobile sites…few know how to sell them!

6. Is everything customizable? Yes. The landing pages and the emails are all pulled from templates. They are very easy to customize.

7. Does the emulate on the landing pages show exactly what the clients site looks like on a mobile device? No. No simulator or emulator does that. People access websites from blackberries, iPhones, Androids, tablets, iPads, and a host of other mobile devices. There is no way to accurately display what all of those are going to look like…and there’s no need to! All you’re trying to do is to get a business owner’s attention long enough for them to email you or pick up the phone an call you. Once they do that, you complete the sale.

8. How much money can I make selling mobile websites? We would love to answer this question…but the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) prevents us from talking about how much you can make. We personally sell mobile websites for several hundred dollar apiece. But we’re not you!

9. What kind of license am I getting? You’re getting an unlimited license. You can put this on as many sites as you wish!


Who Are You Guys?

We are Lee Cole, Adam Jacobs (AJ), and Kyle Coyler. Lee and AJ both run very successful offline consulting businesses. Kyle is a ninja programmer! Together we create cutting edge software that helps marketers and consultants sell offline services to businesses under the label of EZ Profit Plugins.



Sure, all our stuff is guaranteed! 60 days from the date of purchase!

I’m In! How Do I Buy?

Just click the JVZoo buy button button below. Your transaction will be handled safely and securely by PayPal! After you purchase, you’ll receive emails from us. Those emails will contain both your link to download the plugin and also your license key. If you have any questions, please use our 24/7 support center.

Mobile ATM Unlimited Licence

The EZ Profit Plugins Team!


Lee, AJ, & Kyle

PS: What is Mobile ATM Unlimited? Mobile ATM Unlimited is a cutting edge WordPress plugin that automates the selling of mobile websites to businesses.

PPS: Is it guaranteed? Yes…60 days from the date or purchase.

PPPS: When you purchase, your email address will be automatically added to a GetResponse email list. This is so we can communicate with you and make sure that you receive updated versions of Mobile ATM Unlimited, when we find and fix bugs, etc. If you don’t wish to be on this list, just click unsubscribe at the bottom of any email we send you. Be aware, though, that if you do that, we won’t be able to communicate with you.



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